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Jul 6, 2020
43 is an interactive community. As with all such communities members are expected to behave in a certain manner. This document will explain our expectations of our members. Please read this document thoroughly and ensure that you keep up with it, as it will be updated regularly.

General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!
  • User registration limited to ,,
  • Do not defy the Staff's, if you speak to a staffer do so with respect.
  • All members agree to the Rules by joining.
  • Respect the Staff at all times.
  • No aggressive behavior, racism, political slurs or talking about religion or faiths in the comments, or forums.
  • No links or information about other websites are to be posted in the comments or forums or advertising of any kind.
  • Please do not post serial codes or links to cracks in the comments or the forums.
  • Do not have more than one account as this is against the rules.
  • Do not send messages to the helpdesk without reading the Rules/FAQs and forums.
Forum rules
  • Respect all Administrators, Moderators and Forum Moderators at all times.
  • No aggressive behaviour, foul language (mis-typed or disguised), racism, talking about religion/faith or political slurs and discussions in comments or the forums.
  • Please keep all topics to the point, not drifting off and spamming the topic.
  • No advertising/referring/selling to be posted in the forums (website owner is exclusion).
  • Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section in the forums.
  • We advise you don't write your contact details e.g address or email address publicly on the forums for your own privacy.
  • Forum access can be disabled if rules are repeatedly broken.
More rules will come.
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